EOS, Electro Optic Systems, Defence and Space Technology Company

EOS Space Systems has been at the forefront of satellite tracking and SDA for over 35 years.  Our SDA systems are completely automated, fully operational, interoperable with the US SSN and based on technologies developed entirely in Australia.  We are the only provider of qualified SDA data in the southern hemisphere and Australia’s leading provider of SDA data and services.

EOS Space Situational Awareness


EOS, Electro Optic Systems, Defence and Space Technology Company

Space Domain Awareness (SDA) is the development and maintenance of a comprehensive knowledge of the location and nature of objects in Earth orbit.  An increasingly important role for SDA is to identify active satellites, expired satellites and orbital debris to reduce the likelihood of collisions in orbit.

EOS provides tracking and characterisation of space objects with accuracy and sensitivity exceeding all current standards for military or commercial space operations.

Our ground-based space tracking infrastructure employs Australian designs for high accuracy beam director telescopes, high-power laser systems, diffraction-limited imaging systems and high accuracy timing and positioning systems.

We develop and integrate fully autonomous network control software for space sensor networks, providing 24/7 autonomous space situational awareness, object characterisation, high accuracy orbit determination and orbital projection, as well as automated conjunction assessments with integrated collision probability elimination.

EOS owns and operates suites of SSA sensors, all developed and produced in Australia and located across Australia.  On a daily basis we maintain and update our own substantial space object catalogue, independent from all other data sources (including the US Space Surveillance Network), and optimised for use in the Asia-Pacific region.


EOS, Electro Optic Systems, Defence and Space Technology Company
  • EOS built and operate the world’s only autonomous (robotic) space laser tracking system.
  • Operational facilities include seven operational space sensors deployed to Australian sites.
  • Active and passive sensors are fully operational from LEO to GEO and beyond.
  • All space capabilities are developed in Australia with $200m invested in Australian SSA R&D.
  • EOS has provided $20m for Australian STEM sector education and research towards growing an indigenous space industry capability.
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