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Space Agency Research Centre


SERC is a consortium of three companies, two universities and two Government entities form under the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) scheme.

SERC is developing technologies to help mitigate the growing threat to the space environment caused by the proliferation of space debris. It is growing the pool of space and astrodynamics expertise in Australia as well as developing systems to help predict and then avoid collisions between objects in space.

EOS is a proud SERC research participant.

Research Programs

Program 1: Identification of Space Objects and Preservation of the Space Environment

Professor Craig Smith, Chief Executive Officer EOS Space Systems is the leader for this program which is developing solutions for reliable and accurate observation and tracking of space objects, better monitoring and cataloguing of space debris, orbit conjunction analysis and collision mitigation.

Program 2: Orbit Determination and Predicting Behaviours of Space Objects

This program is under the leadership of Dr Robert Norman of the RMIT Space Research Centre. This is developing new tools to improve the accuracy and reliability of orbit predictions, including the development of new models for atmospheric mass density and earth gravitational field influence.

Program 3: Space Asset Management

Dr James Bennett of the Space Environment Research Centre leads this program which focuses on developing techniques, algorithms and databases to assist in predicting and thus avoiding potential collisions in space.

Program 4: Space Segment

Led by Dr Benjamin Sheard, this program is developing instrumented satellite payloads to support testing of the adaptive optics corrected laser system, leading to an on-orbit demonstration of debris movement with lasers.


EOS, Electro Optic Systems, Defence and Space Technology Company
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