Long-haul communications is presently performed by microwave systems which have evolved over 40 years towards a theoretical bandwidth limit of around 1 TBPS. Modern military, industrial and commercial requirements each will exceed this limit within a decade.

Optical communications systems promise to deliver improved bandwidth (up to 20 TBPS) with high security in all domains, and over all distances.

In addition to an inherently high bandwidth, optical communications systems offer very high security through their amenability to quantum encryption as well as the extreme physical difficulties they present for signal detection or intercept.

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EOS, Electro Optic Systems, Defence and Space Technology Company

EOS has developed low bandwidth optical communications for extreme range applications for 30 years. During this period, EOS has provided collaborating entities or allies with advanced technology sub-systems for optical communications, while also positioning EOS technology for the leap beyond 1 TBPS bandwidth.

In 1998 EOS launched its own satellite “Westpac”  for use in optical communications and optical counter-measures testing. Pictured above the Westpac Satellite was renamed EOSCOM on completion of the science program in 2013.

EOS space laser tracking systems deployed around Australia also operate as communication terminals. The tight laser beam and reliable, accurate tracking capabilities of EOS beam directors provide secure and reliable optical communications infrastructure.

In collaboration with JAXA, EOS laser communication systems have achieved an optical communications (OC) link at  6.7million km. EOS achieved this with a transmitter at Mt Stromlo which was able to establish a link to the Japanese Hyabusa 2 satellite on its approach to the asteroid Ryugu 162173.

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