EOS, Electro Optic Systems, Defence and Space Technology Company
  • 2021 inaugural recipient of EOS Scholarships for future excellence in STEM
  • Awarded scholarship funding of $4,000
  • Recently graduated from Moorefield Girls High School

What’s your favourite subject?


What are your goals within STEM?

To continue advancing my own skills in all aspects, while encouraging and mentoring others to start participating in STEM, especially young women.

How is EOS’ scholarship going to help you achieve your goals?

I am from a single parent family and my mother is on a disability pension. I work casual jobs to help the family. I have a dream of pursuing a career in the military. The EOS scholarship will assist me enormously. It will give me the opportunity to meet people in EOS and begin the journey of achieving my goals. It will be a big boost to my confidence because I now know that this amazing Australian company wants to help me succeed. I am encouraged to follow my dreams.

How do you plan on using your scholarship funds?

I will use my scholarship to visit EOS in Canberra and meet people who could mentor and guide me in my career. I would also like to use some money to upgrade my technology when I enroll in university in semester 2. Right now, I am arranging my university course and organising The Gadget Girlz Roadshow. I am thinking long and hard about the best use of the opportunity and the funds.

What led you to where you are today?

Around 18 months ago I had come to a decision that I wanted to drop out of school, I had become exhausted of not “fitting in” and lost interest in continuing to expand my education into senior years. The day after I had approached my principal about dropping out, I was notified by my science teacher that One Giant Leap Australia was offering trips to Space Camp USA. On the trip I met a NASA JPL employee named Tom Nolan. I, in our discussion he said to me “go baby go!” which is an aviation term meaning chase your dreams. Tom encouraged me to find my passion again and to never give up which is what led me to where I am today. He was a mentor and a shining light. Tom passed away from brain cancer on New Year’s Eve and I intend on being the best I can be. Tom would expect that.

Who do you admire and why?

I admire Susan Finley; Susan is the longest serving staff member at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She first began working for NASA as a human computer, calculating rocket trajectories in 1953 and Susan is now working as a subsystem engineer at NASA Deep Space Network. I met Susan in 2019, we spoke about her life and after a single conversation with her she became an inspiration. Susan is a woman who works hard to follow her dreams, she encourages me to never give up and to always have a goal in every aspect of my life.

How important is STEM education?

Very important, STEM teaches everyone multiple different skills that are useful in any career or aspect in life such as problem solving, critical analysis and even creativity.

What would be your advice for the next generation of women in STEM?

My advice is to believe in yourself. The best and biggest learning experiences are ones that are hard and feel like failure. But you aren’t failing. If all we ever did was tread the same path, we would never achieve what seems impossible. Push the boundaries. ‘Dare Mighty Things‘!

How do you think that companies like EOS can really inspire young women like yourself to successfully pursue and achieve their STEM careers?

EOS has shown me that companies are willing to help young women pursue their dreams and achieve their goals in STEM careers. They have shown me that I am good enough and not to give up so easily. If EOS has presented this to me then I strongly believe they will have a large impact on not just myself but the women in the workforce of the future.

We often hear people talk about having a “successful career in STEM”. What does this phrase mean to you?

A successful STEM career to me means that you are using all your skills in collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking and being innovative and creative. Finding a problem that you believe is worth solving and working with others to find a solution that could change the world or make it a better place some just one person.

Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years’ time?

I see myself with a forensic science or engineering degree and pursuing a career in the Navy. While in the defence force, I hope to mentor other women, continue participating in STEM programs and advancing my leadership skills through One Giant Leap Australia and The Gadget Girlz.

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