EOS Space Systems IWLR Media Coverage

Al Jazeera Media Network, 9 November, 2018

Interview with Ben Greene, EOS Group CEO

A team of scientists in Australia are preparing to fire high-powered lasers into space to blast some of the 170 million pieces of man-made debris orbiting the earth. That cosmic clutter, building up since successful satellite launches began in 1957, poses a constant threat to satellites, spacecraft and people. While firing lasers into space sounds like science fiction, scientists say the technology plays a very real role in keeping our planet safe by gently nudging the debris from one orbit into another. Presented by Mereana Hond.

RN Breakfast, 6 November 2018

Interview with Ben Greene, EOS Group CEO

New laser technology to track and move space junk: The global waste crisis has literally gone into orbit with outer space now plagued with its own junk problem.

Australian and international scientists are warning there are hundreds of thousands of pieces of man-made debris now floating in space, causing a major hazard for space craft.

Now, laser technology is being developed in Australia to track and move space junk before it collides with satellites orbiting Earth. Presented by Fran Kelly.

Weekend Sunrise, 4 November, 2018

Brad Tucker, Astrophysicist and Cosmologist at Mt. Stromlo Observatory, The Australian University

Brad updates the Weekend Sunrise team on the leading role that Electro Optic Systems and the Space Environment Research Centre play using laser technology to move space debris orbiting the earth.