EOS Defense Systems USA in race to enhance US Army Strykers

By Stephen Kuper, Defence Connect

11 June 2019

The US subsidiary of Canberra-based EOS Defence Systems has secured funding to support the development of an up-gunned turret as part of the US Army’s Stryker Lethality Design Integration Study.

Advances in Russian designed armoured fighting vehicles and tanks have prompted the US Army to initiate a series of modernisation and capability enhancements for its Double V-Hull A1 (DVH A1) Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicles, which centre on the introduction of a specialised 30mm Medium Calibre Weapon System (MCWS).

Based on an urgent operational need out of Europe, the Army was provided emergency funding from Congress in 2015 — a little over US$300 million — to rapidly develop and field a Stryker with a 30mm cannon specifically for the US Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment, which is permanently stationed in Germany. This emergency funding also covered upgrades to 83 production vehicles plus spares.

Pictured above: EOS Defense Systems USA employees Caleb Steele and Mike Roesch in front of the EOS R400 Dual display at the US Army Stryker Leaders Conference, 1-2 August 2018.