Defence Connect Op-Ed By Grant Sanderson

The importance of backing Australian industry capability

By Grant Sanderson, Chief Executive Officer, EOS Defence Systems

The recent announcement by the federal government that EOS Defence Systems will supply 251 Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) to the ADF is not only a welcome boost to the company but to the wider Australian defence industry eco-system.

This support under a targeted stimulus plan by the government is important given the challenges export-heavy companies, such as EOS Defence Systems, are facing during this global pandemic.

At the top-line, this contract allows the company to maintain a steady level of business over the next 12-month period and continue a consistent level of activity for our extensive local supply chain, regardless of what has and what might happen internationally over that time. It will also allow our international programs time to regain their normal drumbeat of activity while our customers reopen.

However, apart from this important immediate outcome, this contract and the other stimulus efforts will support the longer-term global competitiveness of Australian industry during this difficult time.