Dave Bettinger named CEO for SpaceLink

EOS welcomes satellite communications innovator David Bettinger as Chief Executive Officer for the newly formed satellite data relay service company, SpaceLink, part of EOS Communications Systems

With significant spectrum rights in the Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), SpaceLink will provide a secure, continuous, high-capacity data relay service between near Earth space and the ground.

David has 30 years of experience in satellite communications systems engineering, and has played key roles at OneWeb, iDirect and Hughes Network Systems. As Chief Executive Officer, he will assume responsibility for the design, delivery, and operations of the SpaceLink MEO Satellite Relay System.

David was a founding member of the OneWeb team and was responsible for the technology roadmap of the end-to-end communications network including the satellite payload, user terminals, and ground segment. As Vice President of the Advanced Development Group he led a team of satellite, aerospace, and communications engineers to design its first- and second-generation systems.

EOS previously announced that it acquired significant spectrum rights in MEO and completed all U.S. Government approvals to deploy a constellation of three communication satellites that will relay data and imagery to meet pent up demand for fast and affordable access to the growing flood of data available from space.

“The innovative architecture of the SpaceLink constellation means that at least one of the three relay satellites is always in sight of a spacecraft in LEO and a dedicated gateway Earth station,” said David Bettinger, CEO of SpaceLink. “With the support of EOS we are providing an important resource with speeds and capacity to bring sensitive data down to secure networks anywhere in the world within milliseconds.”

SpaceLink has strong financial backing, enviable bandwidth, and a roadmap to benefit from EOS’ advanced optical communications technology to unlock massively scalable capacity in its next-generation system. The relay system will optimize access to imagery from Earth Observation satellites and will provide continuous communications for human spaceflight. It will provide a secure connection for the defense and intelligence communities and fast data transfer for space agencies.

“SpaceLink is an important part of the EOS strategic ecosystem, which brings synergies to all three of our business units – Space Systems, Defence Systems, and Communications Systems,” said Glen Tindall, Chief Executive Officer of EOS Communications Systems. “David’s track record of transforming startup ventures into a competitive position makes him the ideal CEO to lead the SpaceLink effort to meet the growing demand for continuous connectivity from LEO.”