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Today an ever increasing number of satellites are being launched into Low Earth Orbits (LEO), often performing important data gathering missions such as Earth Observation (EO). Because these satellites are continuously moving, it is difficult to maintain constant connection between the satellites and the earth. Typically this means that the satellites are not able to continuously download data back to earth, resulting in a drastically reduced amount of data delivered by the mission, and the data is also non-real-time.

EOS Spacelink Communications


EOS, Electro Optic Systems, Defence and Space Technology Company

SpaceLink is an innovative satellite relay solution which provides continuous, real-time data connectivity to satellites and other spacecraft in near Earth orbits. Data is continuously relayed from the satellites to earth based Gateways and then onto private networks or Cloud computing infrastructure. The SpaceLink network consists of a constellation of relay satellites in the Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) which ensure that all client satellites always have visibility to one or more SpaceLink relay satellite. Multiple terrestrial Gateways ensure that each SpaceLink relay satellite always has visibility to one or more Gateways.

In addition to removing line of sight limitations, SpaceLink also eliminates bandwidth bottlenecks, and regulatory and spectrum licensing issues. It reduces ground systems cost to support space infrastructure growth, human spaceflight, and high speed connectivity anywhere from the launch pad to near Earth space.

SpaceLink supports a wide variety of space activities including scientific missions, Earth Observation, human spaceflight, and launch. The SpaceLink constellation is extremely high bandwidth, vastly surpassing all previous satellite relay systems, and supporting high availability multi-Gigabit bidirectional data flows.

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