Remotely controlled weapon systems and ancillary products comprised of state of the art gimbal mounts, fire control systems and world class sensor units.


Space debris and satellite management solutions utilising EOS-developed instruments and sensors to detect, track, classify and charaterize objects in space.


The latest EOS share price and other ASX related news and information from Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited, an Australian technology company.


EOS, Electro Optic Systems, Defence and Space Technology Company

Electro Optic Systems is a leading ASX listed Australian owned and operated Defence and Space company. EOS has designed, manufactured and exported advance technology systems for 35 years and we are a world leader in space information and intelligence services, optical sensor units and remote weapon systems for the land sea and air.


EOS, Electro Optic Systems, Defence and Space Technology Company

Ben Greene and Brad Tucker discuss EOS' laser technology and its application to track and move space debris before it collides with satellites orbitin...

EOS presented its Multi-Mission System that provides sophisticated UAS detection, tracking and disabling systems onto a compact, easy to integrate pac...