What We Do

EOS Space Systems (EOSSS) is focused on the design, manufacture and delivery of electro optic systems which enhance and support orbital data services to the space industry.  Since 1986 we have developed systems for astrodynamic analysis, ground to space tracking of orbiting bodies and satellite laser ranging.  This heritage allows EOSSS to develop new technologies in support of space debris management and asset management in space, including orbit maintenance support.

Current product development includes:

  • An industrial software control architecture which simplifies the management of complex systems such as autonomous laser ranging stations, networked observatories and remotely tasked data gathering observatories.
  • kW  level laser tracking of space debris for orbit enhancement significantly more accurate than current radar based systems.
  • Adaptive optics for both imaging orbiting bodies and for enhancing laser tracking range.
  • Direct detection of orbiting bodies from their heat signature, no longer relying on sunlit “terminator” periods.
  • Satellite laser ranging systems for geodetic calibration satellites with picosecond precision and millimetre orbital accuracy.
  • Astro-dynamic processes and software tools which create orbital projections far more accurate than are possible by traditional techniques.
  • Array based detection and ranging of orbiting bodies, providing auto-guider response from the actual range detector.

While developing space debris tracking systems, EOSSS continues to support the world aerospace and geodesy industries by providing its developed products as cutting edge satellite laser ranging, astronomy, laser systems, observatories and instrumentation.