About us

EOS space business is focused on the delivery of information-based services to space industry in the areas of space debris management and asset management in space, including orbit maintenance support.

Space debris is a serious and growing problem for all users of space, with hundreds of thousands of significant pieces of debris causing navigation hazards in space to thousands of spacecraft. Over the next decade over $400 billion of capital investment projects are at risk at some level from space debris. There is no present means of mitigating this risk, and the combined observational resources of the planet would, if adequately coordinated, provide only a small percentage of the solution, and at great cost.

The demand for space surveillance services is overwhelming. Many millions of dollars are expended annually by the industry and government agencies just to analyse potential debris problems. The result of each study and the consensus from each symposium and conference is that the risk is serious and real, but that there is no prospect of a technology breakthrough which would allow cost-effective risk mitigation (debris avoidance) based on the actual orbits of space debris.

The company believes that commercial space surveillance services can now be profitably deployed.

While developing space debris systems, EOS has generated revenues and reduced project risk by deploying sub-systems, as they are developed, into global niche markets such as satellite laser ranging, astronomy, laser systems, observatories and instrumentation.