Equity and Diversity

Company Ethos

Electro Optic Systems is an ethically based organisation. Its ethos is built around dedicated, talented and diverse people with a common goal of providing high quality reliable products and services both to its internal and external customers. The company is managed according to the following principles:

  • Leadership: All managers are leaders - they lead by example and encourage two way communications with their employees.
  • Relationships:  All employees are members of teams within the organisation, they trust each others contribution and respect each others personal accountability.
  • Innovation:  To maintain a business edge, the company continually innovates.
  • Appropriate Reward and Recognition:  Individuals and teams achieve success, and the participants are appropriately recognised and rewarded.

All employees are expected to conduct their daily work with a high level of honesty, integrity, consistency and fairness.

For EOS' Workplace Diversity Policy click here